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Our specialist 8mm and 16mm film transfer and restoration facility has created much interest, due mainly to the exceptional transfer quality that we are able to achieve.

We have both HD (1920 x 1080) and SD (720 x 576) customised telecine systems. HD transfers are captured as 10 bit 2k uncompressed AVI files, which can be transferred to your USB or Firewire hard-drive, for editing.


We can also provide complete editing, colour grading, grain reduction and enhancement of your films. Similarly, film with an audio track, magnetic or optical, can benefit greatly from spectral de-noising and enhancement, if required.

Finished media can be mastered to tape, Blu-ray, DVD and HDD, in file formats such as H264, Quicktime, AVI and MPEG2, in PAL or NTSC standards.

Restoration of BT first transatlantic TVFilm is cleaned and splices checked prior to transfer. Our workflow is totally digital, ensuring maximum resolution from your precious films. We do not use mirrors or prisms in the optical path, as these components can degrade the best quality achievable.


We understand that it is sometimes difficult to compare quality from different transfer companies.

Clips on YouTube and the web cannot accurately represent the quality of an excellent telecine system. That is why we have produced a test clip of the 8mm SMPTE RP-32 reference chart. If you are thinking of having your film collection transferred, we can e-mail this clip to you on request, so that you may judge the quality for yourself.

Film emulsions degrade rapidly with age, especially those that have not been stored in ideal conditions. We recommend transfer to a digital format as soon as possible, before it is too late!

A good Tip

Please don't trust your precious media to photo-stores or chemists, including the big high-street names.

Your order is sent away to a third party with whom you have no direct contact. In our experience, the quality of work is at best average. Better to deal with a specialist that can do the work faster, and who takes a pride in their work.

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